In case of accidents

Step 1: If there is any injury

Remain calm and do not move vehicles

Immediately, call for police assistance and request for an ambulance

Inform the police of the exact location, by providing notable landmark(s)

Step 2: In the case where there is no injury

Safely move vehicles to the side of the road to avoid causing obstruction

Step 3: Exchange driver details
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Name, I/C number and Address
  • Contact Numbers
  • Insurance Company

Never admit or discussing liability with others involved in the accident.

Refer all communication to your insurance company

Step 4: If vehicle is immobilized, arrange for a towing service:
AXA 1800 880 4741
Liberty Insurance 1800 542 3789
NTUC Income 6389 6111

Avoid roadside touts who offer free tow-truck services and referrals to unauthorized workshops as your claims might be compromised.

Depending on your policy terms, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest Authorised Workshop or IDAC

Step 5: Proceed to workshop where vehicle is towed to

IDAC or the workshop will assist in the administering of the claim

REMEMBER: All vehicle accidents must be reported to your insurer within 24 hours or by the next working day. No matter how trivial or even if there is no visible damage, and irrespective of whether you are claiming from any insurers or third parties.

Important Notes

You must also make a police report within 24 hrs of any accident involving:

  • Damage to government property
  • A foreign vehicle
  • A pedestrian or cyclist
  • Physical injury
  • A hit-and-run incident

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