CaseTrust-SVTA Accredited

Being a pioneer CaseTrust-SVTA accredited company, we are committed and responsible to follow fair practices, to honour our deals and to deliver as promised. Learn more about our accreditation:

About the Accreditation

A motoring business that achieves CaseTrust-SVTA accreditation is certified as a business that possesses the foundation for good sales practices and standards. The business will have the following mechanisms in place:

Clear Fee Policies

Clearly articulated and documented policies on fees and fee refund. These must be fully disclosed to their customers and adhered to according to the terms and conditions of the contract between the business and consumers.

Well-Defined Business Practices and Systems

A redress system with proper and clearly defined dispute resolution mechanisms for the business and consumers. This will include mediation by the Motor Industry Dispute Resolution Centre (MIDReC), CASE Mediation Centre, and recourse to the Small Claims Tribunals and the Courts, if necessary.

An insurance bond capped at S$50,000 to protect the customer’s fees and deposits paid in the event of an unresolved dispute.

Well-Trained Personnel

The business must ensure that it has trained sales staff who do not practice unethical sales tactics and are able to provide good customer service.

What is the insurance bond for?

All accredited motoring businesses will be required to purchase an insurance bond in the amount of $50,000. The insurance bond is one of the many ways that an accredited motoring business takes to show its commitment to their customers.

In the event a consumer has an unresolved dispute with an accredited motoring business the matter can be referred to MIDReC where an adjudicator or panel of adjudicators will decide on the facts and merits of each case. If the decision is made in favour of the consumer, a payout will be made from this insurance bond.